Programs – Adult Program

Individual Therapy

This component utilizes the client-therapist relationship to validate the clients current emotional states while encouraging generalization of new effective coping skills. This component also includes:  Telephone Consultation to the Client, which helps client to generalize skills into all areas of their lives.

Individual therapy is divided into four stages: 
Stage One -Reduction of self destructive behaviors and acquisition of skills learned in group skills training sessions, 
Stage Two – Resolution of past trauma, 
Stage Three – Resolution of residual problems in living, 
Stage Four – Resolution of feelings of incompleteness and increasing capacity for sustaining joy and contentment.

Skills Training Group

This component utilizes a psycho-educational group to teach effective coping skills to clients in the areas of: 

1) Core mindfulness,
2) Interpersonal Effectiveness,
3) Emotion Regulation, 
4) Distress Tolerance.

This group meets once a week for two hours. Adult participation in the group requires an approximate one year commitment to the process; or completing the curriculum twice.

Clients must also be engaged in individual DBT.

Consultation Group

This is a consultation group for professionals. The purpose of this group is to minimize the vicarious traumatization, often associated in working with DBT clients, by using DBT theories and skill with each other while consulting about client issues. Part of these sessions may include DBT training. Note: Consultation is regarded as an essential aspect in the provision of DBT.

Skills Application and Peer Consultation Groups

Please contact the office for more information on Skills Application and Peer Consultation Groups.  

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